Which Door Should I Install In My Storefront?

28 Aug

Which Door Should I Install In My Storefront?

Which Door Should I Install In My Storefront?When it comes to retail business, you have to maintain the beautiful appearance as well as the security. If you ever notice most of the storefront are installed beautiful glass door. It not only helps to keep an eye on your customers but also keeps you aware of what is happening around outside.

On talking about the safety, the glass door should be strong enough to bear with the various weather conditions. Keeping the requirements of owners there are four major types of storefront:

  • Aluminium Doors

    Aluminium doors available in the variety of specifications that suit to every business requirement. Even, these doors are available in different colours like silver, painted, bronze that meet your storefront décor.

  • Glass Sliding & Folding Doors

    This kind of door turns out to be beneficial when your storefront has a small space to swing the door. Sliding doors are often found in the healthcare places while the folding doors are installed in the dining places. It is available in the variety of frame options like aluminium, fibreglass and wooden.

  • Fire Rated Glass Door

    As the name shows, these doors are resistance to smoke and fire for a specific time. Their frames are virtually constructed of steel either narrow steel or hallow frame profile. It ensures to enjoy the daylight securely.

  • Revolving Door

    Large stores and malls used to install a revolving door as they deal with the high traffic of visitors. These doors consist three and four-door to itself. It stays hang on the central door and rotates around within a cylindrical enclosure.

To consult for the installation of your storefront door, you can contact the Max Doors & Windows. Our technicians are licensed and insured to provide the safest installation of your door.

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