Tips to Maintain Your Windows

Maintaining windows is paramount for both residential and commercial properties. This is the only way to extend the life of the window and save a lot of money down the lane. In addition, windows stay clean and fresh all the time.
Wear and tear should also be checked on a regular basis so that the damaged parts can be replaced without spending too much money. There are many other benefits of maintaining the pristine condition of your windows. The following information shows you how to best maintain your windows.

  • Regular cleaning

    Make sure you clean the windows on a regular basis. Windows should be cleaned depending on the type. Clean the wooden windows with a damp cloth to remove the accumulated dirt and dust. Use a mild cleaning agent to clean the glass windows gently. In most cases, water and a cloth will be enough to completely clean the windows. Use a scrubbing brush for vinyl and aluminum frames. Mild detergent will also give better results.

  • Sealing off gaps

    This is one of the important steps. You must cover all the holes and gaps in your window. Gaps are generally formed when the sealants come lose. Use a good quality sealing agent to seal the gaps. Sealing the gaps is utmost important to keep your home energy efficient for many years. You can use new rubber seals or spray form insulation to effectively seal the window.

  • Inspecting windows regularly

    Inspecting your windows on a regular basis is the most important step of maintenance. You need to look for any damaged parts or lose sealant. Also check if your window frames are rotten or have holes in them. If some areas need repainting, get it done. Metal parts should be replaced in a timely manner for smooth functioning of the windows.

  • Prompt repair of broken parts

    If there are some window parts that need to be repaired or replaced, you should do it promptly. It is advisable to never ignore the damaged parts else the condition will get worse with time. When all the necessary components are repaired properly, the opening and shutting of windows will be smooth. Also, the windows will look better after regular maintenance.

If you are in need of window maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly professionals today!