How to Update & Maintain the Old Door & Windows at Home

The door is the first impression of your home’s exterior. But, you can’t neglect the beauty of the windows. Both are important and want overall maintenance. When you install a new door and window, they require less cleaning but with growing days, they need to be taken care of.

Follow the Below Tips to Update Old Door & Window

  • Tips For Cleaning

    If the door and window are designed using the glass, then use glass cleaner to remove the stains and hand prints. You can also use the mixture of vinegar and water for cleaning. Take help of a lint-free cloth, paper and a towel for rubbing. Never use any chemical or brush.

    If the door has dried paint stains, sealant or caulk, apply denatured alcohol. You can also sprinkle the lukewarm vinegar for cleaning and scrub it gently. Use a dry cloth to remove it.

    In case, the door/window has a crayon or unwanted markings then use glass cooktop cleaner to clean it. Use the wet cloth to scrub it gently.

  • Tips For Maintenance

    Especially in the rainy or winter season, the window get rusting and requires extreme strength to open and close. Gently move the windows regularly or alternatively so that it could not jam.

    Humidity cause to rot or mould growth on the windowsill. Make sure to run the exhaust vent when cooking or getting shower, ventilate the dryer for exterior and a run dehumidifier to control over the indoor humidity. For an instant solution, keep open the other windows and let natural airflow come inside.

What If The Door/Window Are Too Old?

After a specific time period, the door/window turns to be irreparable. These both influences the attraction of the viewers. If you have updated your lifestyle but still going with the old entrance doorway, it does not suit you. The only solution for the old and outdated door/window, replace it immediately.

These tips are best to keep your door and window up to date. But if you have made up your mind to install the new one then feel free to touch Max Windows and Doors. We provide top-quality services to our clients.